Natural cosmetics


Our idea of natural cosmetics is based on clear, consistent and detectable choices in all aspects of production: from the choice of raw materials, to simple and clear formulations, without underestimating the attention in the choice of packaging.

Natural, high quality, effective and environmentally friendly are characteristics that must coexist perfectly in our products.

For our packaging we have chosen aluminum (with the exception of glass roll-ons) eco-sustainable material that offers exceptional product protection.  Each bottle and every vase has an internal painting for food use so as to guarantee the purity of the product.

A strong link with the active ingredient


The products Dusahel have a strong link with the chosen active ingredient, so as to faithfully reflect its properties.

Dusahel symbolizes the search for the best natural and high quality active ingredients, handcrafted and in small batches, so as to always have fresh and high quality products.

In every line we offer the possibility to buy the pure active ingredient, so as to appreciate its maximum strength and quality.


Natural cosmetics




Natural ingredients and simple formulations so as to give greater prominence to the active ingredients used. Each product has a characterizing active ingredient to better define its cosmetic properties.



Natural cosmetics - Dusahel




There are no added fragrances in our products. The perfume is given exclusively by the ingredients used.



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