Here you will find answers to the most common questions.

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Where is the Dusahel line produced?

The Dusahel brand is Italian and the productions are entirely Italian.

How is the snail slime collected?

Our organic and certified snail slime is collected in Tuscany through a completely manual process and in the utmost respect and care of the animal.

Ours are raised for cosmetic purposes only! They are our most precious collaborators and as such they are treated, they live in a natural and quiet environment that allows us to collect a product of the highest quality and naturalness.

How does the glycolic acid contained in the snail slime behave?

The glycolic acid naturally contained in the snail slime has a different behavior and much less "aggressive" than that of synthesis.

In fact, its action is of slight exfoliation (regenerating action) without the inconveniences of products with added glycolic acid.

This is because like all natural products it is in itself more delicate and accepted by the skin and because, not being added to the product it has a naturally low concentration.

Are the pure serums stabilized?

Pure Dusahel serums are biological active ingredients, originally stabilized and packaged without any addition in formulation, so as to offer the customer the most concentrated and powerful version of the active.

For this reason, both inci and the expiration date fully comply with the data indicated in the technical data sheets of our suppliers.

Like any material, all active ingredients containing water are originally stabilized for safe cosmetic use. For this reason and for greater transparency we report this information on the individual product page.

What characteristics does hyaluronic acid have Dusahel?

Dusahel uses hyaluronic acid of certified biotechnology, so as to be more similar to that naturally present in the human body.

Three different molecular weights are mixed, to hydrate all layers of the skin, the high and medium molecular weight to hydrate the out outer layers and, the low molecular weight for the deepest layers.

In particular, the low molecular weight, the most valuable molecule has a size of just 5 KDa.


What is the difference between face serum and hyaluronic acid spray?

The difference lies in the proportion of use of the different molecular weights. In the form of the face serum, not using thickeners, the product is thickened using directly the largest molecules (high and medium molecular weight – inci : Sodium Hyaluronate) and adding separately the smallest molecules (low molecular weight – inci: Hyaluronic acid).

In the spray version, the percentage of use is reversed, greatly increasing the amount of molecules with low molecular weight, the smallest, so as to make the product completely liquid and nebulizable.