Argan oil


Argan Dusahel Oil, organic and 100% pure, is extracted by cold squeezing from the core of the homonymous plant, Argania Spinosa.

Unlike that used for food purposes, argan oil for cosmetic use is not subjected to toasting, but is cold pressed. This processing process allows to obtain a clearer and clearer oil than the food one.

Cosmetic properties of argan oil


The cosmetic properties of Argan oil have been known since ancient times. Not by chance, the tree from which this precious substance is obtained is also called the "tree of life".

Argan oil is an excellent source of vitamin E , unsaturated fatty acids, squalene and saponins. These characteristics make it an exceptional anti-aging with unsurpassed nourishing function for the skin.

Excellent as a massage oil, as an anti-aging oil and as after-sun.