which cream to choose

Which cream to choose


The face cream provides the fat part needed for your face routine.

The Dusahel face creams are produced with simple formulations so as to emphasize the active ingredients contained, with thickeners of vegetable origin and fragrance free, so as to make the product more delicate and accepted even by the most sensitive skin. The fragrance comes exclusively from the natural ingredients used.


How to choose your face cream?


When choosing your face cream, you need to consider what amount of fat your skin needs and what function the cream has.


Moisturizing function for combination skin, young skin or make-up base

Aloe arborescens face cream

Rebalancing and restructuring function for sensitive skin and dry skin

Face cream snail slime

Anti-aging function for mature skin

Argan face mask cream

Regenerating and exfoliating function

Cream scrub face donkey milk

Moisturizing, toning and soothing function or as an aftershave cream

Man face cream