Which soap to choose

Which soap to choose?


Our solid soaps are produced in an artisanal way with the use of high quality vegetable oils and, as for each of our products, specific active ingredients that define its function.

The soap production process, saponification, takes place through coconut oil and, to make the soap more moisturizing and balanced, with the addition of organic olive oil.

On this basis, the different active ingredients are added to meet your needs and adapt to your skin.

All our soaps are fragrance-free added to be more delicate. The perfume is given exclusively by the ingredients or essential oils used.


What features do you need to evaluate?


The answer lies in the properties of the active ingredients and the needs of our skin.


Do soaps have different functions?

Yes, according to the active substance used soaps have different functions:

  • Soap with snail slime rebalancing and restructuring function, also suitable for acne skin.
  • Soap with donkey milk has a nourishing function.
  • Soap with tea tree essential oil has a purifying function.


How to choose the soap according to my skin type?

Due to their characteristics, soaps are better suited to different skin types:

  • Soap with snail slime particularly suitable for sensitive skin, mixed skin and acne skin.
  • Soap with donkey milk is recommended for dry skin.
  • Soap with tea tree essential oil is designed for oily skin.